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What You Will

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  1. Visho says:
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  2. Dutaur says:
    In this painting Turner pays tribute to both the eighteenth-century French painter Jean-Antoine Watteau and the playwright William Shakespeare. The depiction of lighthearted outdoor entertainment, a style known as fête galante, was a specialty of Watteau but an unusual theme for Turner. What You Will is the subtitle of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, a play that involves mistaken identities.
  3. Moogukinos says:
    Apr 21,  · A will is a legal document that spells out your wishes regarding care of your children, as well as distribution of your assets after your death. Failure to prepare a will typically leaves decisions.
  4. Arashikus says:
    if you will (also if you like) used to say that a particular expression is one way of saying something, especially to suggest that some people may not choose to say it that way: I did very well in school, .
  5. Faekinos says:
    1. An phrase overused by those trying to sound sophisticated and/or intelligent. 2. A phrase used frequently by Tobias Bluth from Arrested Development.
  6. JoJogami says:
    One of Shakespeare's plays has the full title, Twelfth Night or What you Will, which is a way of saying,"the kind of comedy you like". Hardly different from the title of another of his comedies, As You Like It. Will, as used there, can be translated as want, as it can in the example you posted.
  7. Tokazahn says:
    You Got Me Feelin' Like A Fool Left To Pay You Do. Say What You Will, You Will Say What You Will. You Got Me Feelin' Like I'm Going Nowhere Hit And Love See In Me The Love, The Drive I Wanna' Feel See In Me The Love, The Drive I Wanna' Feel Tonight. Say What You Will, You Will Say What You Will.
  8. Zuluran says:
    Poquoson "Say what you will" has 8, members. Don't attack people on this web page, your post will be deleted. Who am I to stop you from writing what.
  9. Dahn says:
    If you will If you will, meaning if you will allow me to use this phrase, is a hedge phrase, and it could usually be removed. Writers often use it to apologize for a weak phrase—often a bad metaphor, a corny coinage, or a phrase the writer is reluctant to use.

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