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Mind Confusionz

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  1. Dutaxe says:
    Encephalopathy (confusion) - Cirrhosis for Patients. Cirrhosis. A liver that is working poorly may not be able to get rid of toxic substances like ammonia (which comes from the intestines), and it may allow these substances to go into the brain and cause confusion.
  2. Donris says:
    Since confusion primarily attacks us in our minds and emotions it’s important to spend time feeding on God’s word. We can pray against a spirit of confusion but we also need to fill our mind with truth. The most effective way to do this I have found is through scripture meditation and declarations.
  3. Kajirr says:
    Jan 06,  · “Prayer is the cure for a confused mind, a weary soul, and a broken heart.” “God is the reason why even at the saddest part of life we smile, even in confusion we understand, even in betrayal we trust, and even in pain we love.” “Confusion and mistakes come when we forget the importance of God’s Word as our unwavering guide.”.
  4. Toshura says:
    Jul 23,  · 7 Pointers That Will Free Your from Confusion 1.) Stay in “Not Knowing”. Don’t be afraid to ‘Not Know’. Get comfortable with “not knowing”. The wisest person on earth 2.) Stop Thinking and Get into Stillness. This might sound counter-intuitive but it is still the best thing you can do 3.).
  5. Maular says:
    Fuzzy thinking can have many causes. Your doctor can make sure your problems don't come from normal aging or drugs that may cause confusion, depression, anxiety, or fatigue.
  6. Kagabar says:
    Sudden confusion can be caused by many different things. Don't try to self-diagnose – get medical help if someone suddenly becomes confused or delirious. Some of the most common causes of sudden confusion include: an infection – urinary tract infections (UTIs) are a common cause in elderly people or people with dementia;.
  7. Fegar says:
    Mental confusion, also called delirium, is a change in a person’s awareness. Confusion affects how a person thinks, sees the world around them, and remembers things. The main signs of mental confusion or delirium are sudden changes in awareness.
  8. Dujora says:
    Some signs of confusion include: slurring words or having long pauses during speech abnormal or incoherent speech lacking awareness of location or time forgetting what a task is while it’s being performed sudden changes in emotion, such as sudden agitation.

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