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Where Did We Go Wrong (Alternative Radio Version)

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  1. Yolabar says:
    Jul 13,  · Unsurprisingly, the song did not manage to make the trip over the Atlantic, but has lingered around the internet ever since. The altered version of the intro began to go viral in late , and.
  2. Tygora says:
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  3. Yokasa says:
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  4. Kigul says:
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  5. Akinojin says:
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  6. Malazil says:
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  7. Zulkigore says:
    Wiz like go away, got what you was looking for Now it's me who they want, so you can go and take That little piece of shit with you. I'm at a payphone trying to call home All of my change I spent on you Where have the times gone? Baby, it's all wrong Where are the plans we made for two? If "Happy Ever After" did exist, I would still be holding.
  8. Zulumi says:
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  9. Akiramar says:
    It remains one of the band's most popular songs, and was voted No. 1 on the Australian alternative music radio station Triple J 's "20 Years of the Hottest " in Many notable artists have also covered the song, such as Ryan Adams, Cat Power, and Brad Mehldau.

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